Our Services


          Below is a list of the typical services we offer as both a Firearms Manufacturer and a repair shop. As we are always broadening our horizons, we do much more than just what's on this list! Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about our firearms services.

  • Detailed Firearms Cleaning
  • Firearms Appraisals
  • Re-bluing/Metal Polishing
  • Finishes such as Duracoat, etc.
  • Color Case Hardening
  • Rifle, Handgun, or Muzzleloader Re-Barreling
  • Trigger Jobs or Custom Trigger Installation
  • Action Re-working/Tune-Ups
  • Scope/Sight Installation and Zeroing
  • Revolver Timing
  • 1911 Accurizing
  • Shotgun Choke Installation
  • Rifle/Shotgun/Muzzleloader Stock Fitting
  • Custom Modern Sporting Rifle Builds
  • Repair of all types of firearms (Note: a $35 diagnosis fee will be deducted from final invoice if suggested repairs are authorized by the consumer)

          As always, we thank you for your business! Keep your powder dry!

Tate Harriman, owner of SGBW.

Nov 2017

Archery Pro Shop

          Below is a list of services our pro shop provides:

  • Precision Bow Tuning
  • Peep Sight Installation
  • String Repair/Custom String Building
  • Serving Repair
  • Sound Dampener Installation
  • Cam/Wheel Repair
  • Detailed Bow Cleaning
  • Custom Arrow Construction
  • Instruction on Shooting Style and Form Correction (Instruction is for anyone, not just new shooters or longtime shooters!)
  • Bowfishing Package Installation

          Need something that isn't on this list? We are always broadening our horizons here at Stateline, so feel free to call us with any questions regarding our services! As usual, thank you for your business!