Our office here at Stateline Gun and Bow Works, LLC. otherwise known as the "Rack Shack!"

We Build Custom Firearms!

Our Custom Program

We strive to provide the best quality firearms for the best value. As such, we understand that each shooter is different, and not everyone is satisfied with a "cookie-cutter" firearm. All of the AR-style firearms that are listed on our site were hand-built by our highly experienced team of staff. 

Each listing is a TEMPLATE, meaning if you like the idea of the listed firearm, but you want to add, take away, or change a particular part or feature of it, WE CAN DO THAT! All you have to do is contact us through one of the many avenues listed on the site, and we can begin working with you to build the gun of your dreams!

Any caliber, any configuration! YOU DREAM IT AND WE CAN BUILD IT!

Please understand that quality does take time and that each of the firearms we build are systematically tested, honed, and polished to ensure lasting durability and accuracy. Depending on the season, demand, and sometimes political or market factors, our builds can take varying amounts of time to complete. We advertise a two week minimum build time for all of our custom guns to ensure we have the proper time to give your rifle, shotgun, handgun, etc. the attention it deserves.

Start Your Build Today!

Contact us now to start the process of owning your own custom-built firearm today! Even if you don't know exactly what you want, give us a general idea and your price range, and we can help you every step of the way!

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